Department of ECE Laboratories



Major Facilities / Equipment available

1. Computer lab

MATLAB, Model Sim simulation with Leonardo Spectrum Synthesis Tool, PSPICE, TURBO C, TURBO C++, FPGA Basic Trainer Kit.

2. Basic Electronics lab

CRO(single and dual trace), Digital storage oscilloscope, Digital trainer boards, Function generators, DC regulated power supplies, AC milli voltmeters, Linear IC Tester.

3. Communication lab

Spectrum analyzer, DSP Kit.

4. Pulse & ICs Lab

CROs, Function generator, power supply (10A).

5. Micro processors Lab

Micro processors, Micro controllers and digital trainer kits.

6. Advanced communication lab

Micro wave Test Bench with Accessories, Fiber optics Kits, CRO(Dual Trace),Digital storage oscilloscope), DC Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators, Modulation and Demodulation Kits, Pulse Generators, Klystron Cooling Fans, Satellite Receiving system, 21”color TV with remote control, Video Cassette Recorder, DVD Player, Color TV Pattern Generator

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