Founder of the College

Late Sri D.Madhusudana Sastry
Founder,Secretary & Chairman of
S.V.H. College of Engineering
Secretary and Correspondent of
The Hindu College and its Allied Institutions.

A legendary figure, a multifaceted personality, a profound scholar of law and an eminent lawyer, a great educationist, an able administrator, a philanthropist , more than anything, a great humanist.

        Sri D.Madhusudana Sastry Garu, popularly known as ‘DMS’ was born on 21st May 1921. He had his early education in The Hindu High school and its branches. After his graduation in 1942, he joined Law in Madras Law College and he joined the Bar in 1945-46.

He was an orator of par excellence and while he was practicing as a lawyer, he evinced keen interest in the Educational Institutions and this interest made him shift from his lucrative lawyer profession to the field of education. As a Senator of Andhra University in the years 1956 to 1975, he made his mark and contributed substantially towards improvement of colleges, service conditions of teaching and non-teaching staff in various colleges and Universities.

        After his father Sri D.Sriramulu garu passed away in the year 1970, Sri D.Madhusudana Sastry garu shouldered responsibility of “The Hindu College and its Allied Institutions” and served them with distinction and dignity. Single handed, he expanded these Institutions by starting new courses and new colleges including P.G. courses in the Hindu College, S.P.M.H. Degree kalasala for Women, B.Ed. College for Women, a Polytechnic at Pamarru for Women , Junior College for Women , Public Schools at Machilipatnam and Visakhapatnam. He established S.V.H. College of Engineering in the year 1981. The development of educational Institutions especially the Engineering College will be the best of his contributions to Machilipatnam.

        He served as Secretary and Correspondent of The Hindu College and its Allied Institutions for a record time of 34 years and managed them with all care, attention, unstinted devotion and dedication. For over two decades, he was the Chairman and Secretary of S.V.H. College of Engineering, Machilipatnam.

        On 6th March 2004, he left for his heavenly abode.He joined the galaxy of the founders of The Hindu College and its Allied Institutions and left his foot prints on the sands of time. He is a beacon light to the future generations.