Our Library stands in a sprawling 1,400 Sq. Mts. building and is built so as to accommodate the future expansion plans to be undertaken in the next 25 years. The current building, as it stands, exceeds the area requirements of AICTE by three times. Thanks to the administration’s recognition of the pivotal role libraries play in the teaching and learning process. Hence, the administration strives on maintaining a well-funded library to ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art material without incurring any financial burden. Currently, the library houses almost 60,000 volumes and provides access to some of the most reputed national and international journals and conference proceedings, both print and online and it can easily accommodate more than 150 students at a time. Staying up to date with the current technological trends, we have taken the digitization initiative more than a decade ago. All our inventory and transactions are monitored digitally using barcode technology. Our users can access the library catalog digitally through Open Public Access Catalog, avail free Wi-Fi services, utilize any of the 20 desktops or their personal computers to access various online learning services like DELNET, NPTEL, JNTU(K) CoEeRD, ASCE, ASME and NDL. To avoid internet bandwidth constraints, some of the commonly accessed courses like NPTEL have been deployed in the college main server and distributed to all the departments and labs. Above all, experienced and dedicated Library Staff members who organize the Library in a systematic way with the belief, “a place for everything and everything in its place” are a great asset to the institution.

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